LPU Student Speaks

Our Students and Partners have trusted us and their words depicts it!

“I think that the most fascinating thing about LPU is its diversity. Even in my own class, I have classmates from not only different parts of India but infact from other countries as well. Before coming to LPU, I was a little apprehensive as to whether I would be the only overseas student in the entire campus, but on my very first visit itself I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the University. All my doubts and concerns were further put to rest after talking to the other overseas students who have studied and lived on campus for the past two years.”

“The campus is gorgeous, the facilities are great, and the faculty is superb, but by far the best part of LPU is its diverse student community. This diversity makes the campus not only a ground to get professional education but also a place to learn different cultures.”

International Student

“LPU is a great place to study and after coming to this part of the country, I learnt a lot about India’s diverse culture. Every day there was a new thing for me to learn- the culture, the food, the languages and so many other things. The LPU community is warm and welcoming and any visitor quickly becomes a part of their well-knit community. The amount of learning among students is incredible, and my experience at LPU has given me a window into the vitality and energy of the people who are going to be driving one of the great economic growth stories of the 21st century.”

North East Student