Distance Education

The Directorate of Open & Distance Learning

Introduction to DODL :
LPU strongly encourages students to take advantage of the opportunity to continue their education beyond the Campus.

The Directorate of Open and Distance Learning (DODL) caters to the needs of students who cannot pursue formal education in colleges and universities. Individuals who look upon education as a continuing activity and wish to enhance their knowledge in an existing discipline of study or acquire proficiency in a new area, are sure to benefit from the Programmes offered. Open and Distance Learning is an attempt to make education accessible beyond the closed confines of a classroom and to make it available to those who aspire and endeavour to learn.
LPU is reaching out to the masses by providing quality education at the most affordable fee structure.The Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, LPU, offers 14 Programmes in the field of Management and IT, at Bachelor’s and Master’s Level.

The Directorate is constantly working towards Student Support Services, Infrastructure and Learning Resources, Curriculum Upgradation – to constantly match the industry requirement, Automation of Systems and Learning Pedagogy. Besides these, to minimize the physical distance between the student and the University, the directorate provides online access for latest and up-to-date information, academic resources and various administrative facilities.

The aim is to make quality education affordable and accessible.

Vision and Mission

Directorate of ODL is established with the Vision to provide an open and distance education system which would develop the road for an educated, value-oriented and dynamic global society.
Mission of the Directorate is to promote life long learning and make quality education accessible and affordable to all those who aspire and endeavour to learn

About You
We believe that –

  • You are either a Student, Professional, Business man, House Wife, or an Entrepreneur.
  • You are academically motivated.
  • You have the constraints of time and place.

And therefore, we welcome you to the Lovely Family.
About Us
We wish –

  • To reach out to all those who aspire to study further.
  • To break the constraints of time and place.
  • To deliver quality education in Open and Distance Learning Mode.

And therefore, we have taken up the task of providing quality education in Open and Distance Mode, which is a bigger challenge in the field of education.