Ambassador of the Republic of Mali (Africa) visited Lovely Professional University

Posted: April 18, 2011 in International Affairs, Other

*Met Chancellor to see co-operation possibilities between Govt of Mali and the University
*Second Counsellor of Mali also accompanied him

Ousmane Tandia, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali,being hourned by LPU senior officials

His Excellency Ousmane Tandia, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali, South Africa paid a visit to Lovely Professional University. He was accompanied by the Second Counsellor of Mali, Mr Seydou Coulibaly. They were here to see co-operation possibilities between the Government of Mali and the University. They met the Chancellor of the University, Mr Ashok Mittal, Director Navien Juneja, Senior Deans Dr Sanjay Modi, Dr Lovi Raj Gupta and Deputy Director Er Aman Mittal. There were discussions in regard to the mutual benefit of the students and faculty of the two countries. These were to develop collaborative research, education programmes, exchange, study abroad programmes and mutual linguistic enhancement programmes etc. The honourable guests were also let aware about the doings and achievements of the University through detailed presentation made by the Human Resource Department of the University.

Ambassador of Mali interacting with African Students of LPU.

Welcoming the high profiled guests, Mr Ashok Mittal said: “Many countries have started making their way towards India in imbibing its values based education system. The present visit by the dignitaries from ‘Mali’ is another testimony of this.” Highlighting the purpose of the visit, Mr Mittal continued: “We are always eager to accept proposals of mutual co-operation to reform, propagate the education scenario not only in India but world around so that the new generation may be able to shoulder the responsibilities in the real sense of the words.

Revealing kind gesture while making all appreciations for world level infrastructure, hostels, high-tech laboratories, cultural diversity, pedagogy, the ambassador said: “It was really a thrilling experience to visit one of the prestigious universities in India.” Thanking the LPU authorities, he said: “Your interest to contribute to the development of my country by improving the quality of education and providing new skills of training is highly appreciable.” He further added: “I can ensure my availability and commitment to work closely with you.” He also interacted with the students from Africa studying in the campus and told them: “Youth is the future and it is important for every country to have bright youth.”

Republic of Mali Ambassador & second counsellor with LPU senior officials

It is worth illustration that during the past two years, the Ministry of Education of Mali has taken decisive and revolutionary measures to reform and enhance the education system of the country. In this context, they have made approach to the country like India where world level universities are regularly making marvellous innovations in relation to dissemination of knowledge. At LPU, they have seen best possible and wonderful opportunities for the benefit of their students and faculty. They are also thinking on the lines of signing a memorandum of understanding with the University.


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