Global Astronomical Month celebrated at Lovely Professional University (UTTARA-2011)

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

*Celebrated the world theme of ‘One People, One Sky’
* The event continued for two continuous nights

Global Astronomical Month celebrated at Lovely Professional University ( UTTARA-2011)

The students and members of the staff of Lovely Professional University celebrated great astronomical event where students observed and studied wonderful activities of start studded sky for two continuous nights. They saw Jupiter, Saturn, Double clusters, moon craters, milky way, seven stars etc, with the aid of 16 telescopes. There was also screening of a documentary related to the birth of stars, planets, meteors, asteroids and black holes.  This event, named ‘UTTARA’, was to venerate Global Astronomy Month (GAM). Four renowned astronomers from the Association of Amateur Astronomers Delhi and Nehru Planetarium were specially present on the occasion. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Chancellor of the University, Mr Ashok Mittal, Pro-Chancellor, Ms Rashmi Mittal, Director General, Er HR Singla and Senior Deans, Deans of different schools along with other students and members of staff. The invited experts presented detailed account regarding astronomical objects to all the enthusiasts towards Nature’s domain.

The Chancellor Mr Mittal said: “The passion to share the night sky wonders has always been fascinating us, being a great mother to all itches of curiosity. As such it is a wonderful science to study, explore and keep probing further.” He also said: “Through this celebration, we are giving our students an attractive opportunity to be involved in real time space science studies and to be at the forefront of research at the international level. So many Indian scientists are already working with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA.” Further motivating the students to be a great part of this important branch of science, he added: “Recently, an Indian student, Atul Felix Payapily, from Kerala (Coimbatore) has done a great job by discovering an Asteroid, as a part of an international campaign launched by International Astronomical search collaboration (IASC), Hardin Simmons University, Texas. Prior to him many other Indian students have also earned name in this area, with wonderful opportunities to grab. Still India needs more and more of such devoted students towards this science & technology. This event is indeed a great step taken by our university, by creating a Space Club, to awaken the young minds towards such much needed studies.” He also hoped that soon some students will certainly bring name and fame to the University through their novel space explorations.

 It is illustrative that in order to continue the excitement of the unprecedented International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009), Global Astronomy Month-2011, in April, is to exhibit what wonders astronomy community world around can do. Amateur astronomers, clubs, science centers and others are holding events by the thousands around the world, attracting the largest public audience ever. Global Astronomy Month is Astronomers without Borders’ response, bringing new ideas, new opportunities and bringing enthusiasts together worldwide, celebrating ‘One People, One Sky’. In fact, boundaries vanish when we all look skyward. Regardless of earthly differences in culture, nationality or religion, the heavens are a common meeting ground for all of Earth’s inhabitants. Whoever, whatever or wherever we are, we all share the same sky. Sharing is an integral part of appreciating the cosmos.


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